About us

Welcome to the webpage of our kennel.

We are from the Polish region Wielkopolska, located between Berlin and Warsaw. We live in a small town called Augustowo, near Krajenka.

Our adventure with dogs, technically with breeding, started on 1st January 1999. That day our two Flat Coated Retrivers arrived from Denmark. Their arrival made us more interested in breeding and dog shows.

With the passage of time, our breeding started to grow. We even got our dream Gordon Setter, Sonia (female). She gave us a lot of happiness and satisfaction, not to mention her great children… Fiona, Flinta, Semi…

After some time a new dog joined our kennel, it was a Smooth-haired  Rabbit Dachshund, called Siwucha.

In 2006, our family was enriched by another Flat Coated Retriver from Denmark, from Silkmann’s Castle kennel. We changed her name, “Forget me not 12” became our Konti (Konti as from Konstytucja, Constitution in Polish).

In 2008, we bought a Catalan Sheepdog (female) from Hot Pot’s kennel in Sweden, we called her Inka.

At present, we breed Inka (Catalan Sheepdog) and her daughter Roszpunka.

As people who love animals, we are really attached to our dogs. All of them are kept at home, they have a close contact with us and our children. Their personalities are wonderful, they adore being close to people.

All of our puppies have found home not only in Poland but also abroad, in countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Sweden and the USA. We are in contact with a lot of their owners, we even made friends with some of them. To support the owners, we always try to give advice and help if it is necessary.


You are welcome to visit us,

Anna and Sylwiusz Bronk